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Our Services

Every project begins with a free consultation in which we will walk your land together, discuss your needs, and start to get a sense of the opportunities and challenges of your project. From this initial discussion, we will draft a work agreement that will detail the scope of the work and exactly what is expected.


After an agreement about the scope of the project, an analysis phase begins, the length of which depends on the complexity involved. Common analyses include sun and shade patterns, rainwater drainage, soil quality, microclimates, slope, views, and others.


The analyses from phase one provide a firm ground from which the design process emerges. By deeply understanding the flows and functions of your site, our designs fit with the natural patterns of your landscape letting nature do as much of the work as possible.


Once a final design has been agreed upon, a qualified team can complete a build and installation. 

Vegetable Gardens

Grow your own food and become more self-reliant

The natural world will sustain us with abundant food as along as we co-create with her from a place of open sensitivity. By learning to have that kind of relationship with our landscape, the Earth can meet our needs while we reduce our dependence on a food system that too often depletes our natural environment rather than feeds it.

Permaculture Design

Design for your home and garden that works with nature to meet your needs

Permaculture is a holistic design approach to meeting basic human needs in harmony with nature, harnessing energy inherent in the landscape rather than fossil fuels; creating a surplus for all beings from an ethical basis (from Permaculture Design Companion by Jasmine Dale)

Compost Systems

Participate in the cycles of nature by turning your food waste back into nutrient-rich soil.

Composting, for me, is a spiritual act. With composting, we participate in an alchemy by which a “waste product” is transformed into life-giving, rich soil. Composting is an entry point back into the cycles of nature from which we have largely been disconnected.

Rainwater Harvesting

Obtain a yield from a resource that literally falls from the sky!

My teacher once said that all good permaculture design starts with comprehensive use of rainwater on the landscape.  Rain is a resource that literally falls from the sky. To squander this free resource is a huge mistake. By catching and using rainwater we accept this gift from nature and let it bring our gardens to life.

Energy Efficiency

Energy is flowing all around us. Learn to catch and store energy that will do the work for you.

From simple lifestyle changes to more involved home energy efficiency retrofits, we could be doing a lot more to conserve energy and take advantage of the energy nature provides for free.  

Waste Reduction

In nature, there is no waste. Let's learn to be like nature.

With some proper planning and just a little dedication, we can curb the waste that leaves our homes. One of the keys is to find ways of getting the products that you need in forms that come without packaging. We can help you design an almost waste-free lifestyle.

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